Dissecting the Among Us Crewmate! | The SCIENCE of... Among Us

Birt 4 feb 2021
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When the makers of Fall Guys released the picture showing us the interior biology of the Fall Guys, I had the obvious question - what the heck is THAT? After that moment of shock though, my thoughts turned to the other game with mysterious little characters. Yes, I am talking about Among Us. What is inside their suit? IS it a space suit? What ARE they? Today Theorists, Austin is going to figure that out for us!
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  • I have my own theory, that these crewmates are actually ancient humans. What I mean is that they come from ancient civilizations, like Aztec or Atlantis or whatever. Think about all the advanced technology they have: Lasers able to shoot out of what could very well be thin air (before you comment on this part think hard about how straight lasers of light are able to stop and start so quickly that it looks like a thin disk, let alone the part where it covers your entire body with it. Seriously, rock concerts are only able to shoot straight lines), a built in compass that's able to steer an entire ship across different worlds. And we can't even think of them being modern people (of which this game would be set in the future), because even then these ships would not be equipped with stuff like this. So I think that every game starting is an event happening in real time, but with ancient humans who were able to create much more advanced technology in their time. And since they are literally lightyears away from Earth, it could also be Atlanteans who escaped once the city drowned, tying in with my last 2 facts.

  • They are just representations of humans

  • Yeah. Cool. Science!. But um... what about arms?

  • "we don't think much about breathing" yeah thanks

  • When I think about it they may be part human because on the map on the planet I can’t remember the name there’s test tubes with things inside then in Nernst in that area there’s broken glass a lot think that’s how the imposter was made maybe the same with the crew mates. They were made the same way on earth to explore space and maybe they tried making more crew mates but ended up making the imposter that went to posses a crew mate and boom

  • when mat pat is sus: *HEYYY ITS MEEE AUSTIN!*

  • i alreddy knew cewmate are not human

  • I came back to this channel after like 5 years and clicked on a random, fairly recent video. I was greeted by nOt matt patt, but aUsTiN Woah. My brain. I thought matt patt was a figment of my imagination for a second.

  • 7:25 That is incorrect. *Crewmates don't have brains, atleast most of them*

  • Ugh i hate you so much, matpat is waaaaay better!


  • “Now, breathing is something we don’t think about a whole lot” My brain: welp gotta breathe manually now, I don’t make the rules.

  • Dandruff

  • I thought that it was parmesan cheese on his head... idk why

  • He sounds happier I hope he's ok


  • Im convinced that innersloth saying they only have that one bone is silly cannon, like they are being silly but its still cannon

  • Nooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Dear Austin maybe if you like we can start book theory together because i want everyone to try to contribute to book theory so you can be the main commentator until I get some more time on my hands.

  • Alright all jokes aside is Austin actually OK?

  • Oi wheres MATPAT!Do you take his spot while matpat is gone?

  • can you do video on how the gamma radiation caused the hulk, or how photon uses electromagnetic waves

  • I never even notice the show on your hair Austin. I did notice the little blond toddler hair at the back of your hairdo.

  • Fun fact I learned in Biology class: An animal group may be considered a new species IF when it is bred with one of the group they evolved from, the offspring is infertile and cannot produce offspring of its own. This indicates that the new group has evolved enough by way of chromosomes that it is no longer the same species.

  • Why do you have dandruff on your head

  • We actually don't know the great oxidation event happened, it is used to prove evolution assuming evolution is true and therefore just a dependant of evolution rather than actually using science

  • I like how I'm not a game theorist but the backgrounds of the imps is on poulis in the lab there is glass on the floor the crew was testing on the imps but one day one broke out and possed an crew member and is geting revenge and one again I'm not a game theorist I know this AND I'M 9

  • You can have dandruff in snow but that’s just a theory


  • I deadass always thought he edited dandruff as a fun joke

  • You know this a a cartoon kind of style right?

  • Lol! No need to apologize for your zoloft brain 😉 I have prozac brain, my bro has wellbutrin brain, and mom has cymbalta brain 😜 All that matters is you are doing better, feeling better, and hopefully your meds are helping! Glad to have you back my dude, try to stay safe and healthy 🤟

  • Crewmates and Imposters are all the same species, it's just some are malicious. It's less The Thing and more like typical slashers.

  • game developers are scared when they see their name in the letter

  • Amogus

  • No one Literally no one Austin:- Today we dissect Among Us crewmates.

  • 11:26 so we evolved from fish? also, i like the background music

  • The Space Between Us. That's the movie.

  • A game made for the hell of it with no regards for lore: The Game Theorist: *This sounds like a job for me*

  • i’m genuinely worried about austin atm


  • Too much zoloft? Too much zoloft.

  • I was not going to watch this video until i saw you were doing because you are a better explainer

  • I mean there are multicellular organisms that don't breathe or respirate, but those tend to be parasites.


  • amogus

  • hey! it's austin

  • Him: the crewmates are as smart a human Crewmates: haha red sus bruh

  • Maybe they are MONKEYS

  • That's not the real history there are robot suit there humans there are secret things in among us I know every thing :) :p

    • they're no sign piece of humanoid robot dead on ground hq floor

  • Amogus

  • I think I’m late or is this the MatPat replacement. I have never seen this guy, Hi.

  • It's not just some "mistake" that we breathe oxygen! Eukaryotes and multicellular life first started appearing *after* The Great Oxidation Event, and that's not a coincidence - we need a highly reactive oxidant to extract an order of magnitude more energy from carbohydrates, and simple elemental abundance makes oxygen a far more probable oxidant than chlorine and flourine.

  • I'm 100% sure that day it was raining cocaine

  • 6:18 I bet it's like Wall-E

  • Pat Where's Matt Pat where did you take him bring him back where did you put Matt's packed!

  • Fun fact: Impostors have an actual human skeleton (wait does that make the crewmates alien?) *Crewmates have only 1 bone*

  • what about the floating hands?

  • Bruh that's never been their. And I'm talking about the SNOW IT HA- BEEP..............

  • You should get some head and shoulders for that dandruff... love ya buddy!

  • It was probably a biological experiment

  • *Beginning of the video* "There's just so much stuff going on here" Meanwhile with only one singular bone...

  • Oh hey it’s you Austin...

  • My favorite part about Austin's image is the dandruff

  • 11:41

  • amogus

  • What about the floating hands?


  • 1:30 1:40

  • what's the name of the song at the beginning of the video?

  • None of them have arm’s they are not human’s then ez

  • That "La cucaracha" Song at the final took me by surprise... I didn't expected hearing something in spanish XD

  • Doesn’t talk about the odd skin color

  • at a little over five seconds into the video he turns invisible for 1 millisecond

  • Would a large telltale sign that they at least evolved from humans not be that their blood types are ABO, I'm not a vet or anything so I wouldn't know if other animals have the same blood types as us but I'd assume not

  • well, one of the imposters kill animations is when the imposter opens his jaw, and stabs the cremate with his tongue. Well it just so happens that we already see this behaviour in nature, hummingbirds have extremely long tongues used for collecting nectar deep inside flowers, and it's tongue comes out at hight speeds. In order to keep it's tongue in the hummingbirds body, the hummingbird raps its tongue around its skull perhaps the imposter does something similar? thank you for coming to my TedTalk! thank u Zefrank1


  • When he mentioned breathing my auto breathing system turns to manual

  • We know its austin bc of the dramatic google drive messaging

  • They are evolved monke

  • Why do kids wanna go to space? Its dark, cold and hella dangerous!! -And it breakes your spine

  • Really? I could've made it up by myself.

  • i love the last song

  • amogus

  • I didn't know that earthlings could disappear and reappear their hands out of nowhere.

  • When the Imposter is sus

  • guys why does he have dandruff

  • It is not breathing it is breath-ing

  • We won’t matpat and aston

  • mongus

  • Among us crewmates are halfway evolved into crabs from humans

    • Craaaaab people, craaaaaaab people.

  • Hi

  • I always assumed the Among Us characters were children lol

  • whats the outro

  • Everytime I hear this guys voice I instantly close the video cuz I don’t like him lmao

  • Everybody gangsta till one of the astronauts on mars start killing the crew

  • I have a theory that imposters are humans and cremates are ailean

  • Cool Among us!

  • wouldn't artificial gravity put strain on your bones and pull your blood downwards? can you elaborate on that?

  • If we not in speca and we are on a survival test

  • This guy is 2 noisy, geez