Why Minecraft Will NEVER End! | The SCIENCE of... Minecraft

Birt 10 des 2020
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We all know Minecraft is a BIG game. Not just in popularity, but in the scope of what you can do. You see, there are so many WAYS to play Minecraft... but how many? Would any one person ever be able to play every combination of the game in their lifetime? Today Austin is going to try to answer the question of "How BIG is Minecraft?"
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  • Minecraft is functionally infinite

  • And his face is smiling the whole time

  • Yknow, there can be entities for maaaaaaany (technically infinite) blocks below the bottom of the world, and you can go beyond the world border easily, and you can have an infinite number of items on the floor in one spot, and you can change it so that you can have an unlimited number of mobs/entities in one block, all in different spots as you said. Plus all of the things that were mentioned in other comments, plus villagers can have their own inventories, and levels and gui's, and an unlimited number of xp orbs per block, and player inventories, and ender chests, and baby piglins(which there can be infinite of per block, and they have invemtories), and foxes have inventories, and dogs, and minecart chests (of which there can be infinite of). Sooooooo, minecraft is infinite. Literally. Infinite. Oh, and mods too.

  • Divide the number by itself

  • Three minutes in an old my brain already hurts

  • You forgot about armour stands. And their arm, leg, neck and torso positioning.

  • He does realize that many hostile mobs can posses literally any assortment of weapons, tools, and armor possessing literally any assortment of enchantments right?

  • Wait if you can put a shulker in a shulker you can have infinite storage

  • Oh Austin, the new update is raising the hight limit, recalculate ok.

  • a few forgotten points : 1- Armored Entities 2- Armed Entities 3- Villagers with jobs 4- Movements of the sun 5- Baby entities 6- Farms 7- State of the doors 8- Burning objects 9- Items inside the Furnace 10- Mood of living creatures (like angry golem) 11- Pet status

  • Dear Mojang, Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee. E.

  • Ey you forgot about pressed buttons

  • oke heres my theory, when the "old civilisation" came to the nether they encounterd the piglins. they had wars with each other. and the soul sand biomes are remnets of battlefields hence all the soul sand of fallen soldiers and the skeletons, the ghast are ghosts of the giant creatures where u can find the bones of. this also explaines why piglins are hostile towards the player. the zombified piglins in the nether got infected by the old builders when they came to the nether

  • Nobody tell him about the new update he won’t be able to handle it

  • Hey what about cake is that counted for

  • so in short M.U.C :)

  • You forgot one times 1000, there are 1 million sunspots on a block, not 1 thousand

  • Wait why to the power of 27,and not just x27? (for the chest part)

  • A number that actually surpasses my money in Adventure Capitalist. Wow

  • Sorry about your sanity after you read this, but you forgot mob health, and them wearing armor

  • welp u forgot the clouds, time and weather

  • What does 10 10 10 1.3134 means?

  • People named James who are sitting on the toilet right now: *screams of the damned*

  • He forgot the advance settings. And the other settings. And enchantments. And dropped blocks. And the new hight. *Oh God*

  • There is an Error! Actually.

  • It would probably take around 8.1 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion x 10,000 billion universes lol

  • This guy is going all out

  • There are also Shulker boxes and pouches now. Plus there are particle effects and experience points. There are also sign combinations. There are name tag configurations as well. Plus there are cloud configurations.

  • There's also large mobs such as the ravager. And I suppose there's entity cramming too.

  • wow

  • Thank for the communal existential crisis, Austin! Love it.

  • I just figured out how to figure out the thing you mentioned about how long it would take to repeat itself. Just take the number of different worlds and plug it into this: [(Number of worlds)^2]^(Number of worlds) This would take the chance of any specific world being achieved, and then calculate how many times a world would need to be created to match that specific world twice.

  • You forgot about the villagers badges and grass color which smoothly blends and the clouds and time of day and heads move more and some mobs take up multiple blocks and can be dead or alive and grass thing same with water and each variable of water and lava flow and st riders have two different forms and the hundreds of animations for inventory and mobs and particles lalala etc etc.

    • Forgot about mods like the NO CUBES MOD LOL

    • If you are still reading don't look in your closet

    • Oh yeah minecarts, boats, and jockeys lol!

    • No I didn't forget about shulkers or command blocks or floating items or states of each block using debug stick or enchantments

  • what's the name of the song at the beginning of the video?

  • I just realized your math is wrong. If set up a random seed and copy that seed and load it up it will be the same so its wrong. The correct math was is every version×the possibe seed in every version×bonus chest possibility. I didnt bother to do the math Edit:I forgot the entities and mobs can spawn in caves, spawn chance so its bigger i think

  • I thought I was about to hear about how stim packs make no sense again

  • Hehe cave update bought to change this completely

  • and welp, height changed and this number got infinitely higher

  • How about - barrier - barrel with items - shoulkers (idk how to sleep it) - red stone ore lit or not - air block - snow - flame - water

  • Guys I'm already confused enough stop bringing up ender chat and shoulder boxes

  • bruh, and i thought a googol was big since there's not even a googol of atoms in the universe. And you're telling me this number exists?


  • So.. how's about the new update? Where the block limit is bigger now.


  • You good?

  • Full shipment boxes can be broken and placed in chests

  • You only have 180degrees of vertical look

  • wtf happened to your voice

  • but... - time - entity healht - player hunger / air - furnances with all its states - redstone have some states of power - water and lava can be stable or moving - item enchantments and durability - dropped items - light level - inventory for sure something more, lmao

  • With the 1.17 update, the “available slots” number isnt 60M x 60M x 256 anymore... its WAAAAY more Austin haha

  • Enderman say pitched down English

  • This number is going to get even larger. Mojang is adding 64 blocks to the top of the world and bottom of the world.

  • You forgot about shulker boxes in chests, each of which contains the same amount of items as a normal chest, so chests really have around 33095^27^27 combinations, and shulker boxes aren't even the only thing you forgot about, so that number is probably a lot less than it should be

  • You forgot advanced options, like bonus chest and all of it's random item probabilities, and also in-game game rules, which could not even slightly change anything in the number, but at least I have something more complex: possibilities of double chests, Shulker boxes with items, and their total possible alignments and colors, and trapped chests and double trapped chests, AND ENDER CHESTS AND Minecart chests, which are individual entity, btw and can stand a million more different ways and minecarts with entities in them, boats with entities in them minecart hoppers, with items in them, minecart furnaces, active minecart furnaces, minecarts in boats and entities or chests or hoppers or different Spawners or other entities or players command blocks with different types and different command outputs in them, item frames on every single type of block on on every single sides of every single possible block, and maps within it, which can be soooo many different types, also command blocks of different type, and over googleplex different characters on them and signs with different characters and stuff written on them, and different banners, or different entities like zombies wearing different armor with different enchantments on them and differently renamed items, differently renamed entities and mobs and structure blocks with different characters written inside of them and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much more!!!!!!!! !!!!.

  • Well to be honest not exactly that If we gonna assume the stuff player could build, we do have to count every possible block state for all 3 world types BUT we still shouldnt just 3x the number as you simply cannot find some of them mobs in other worlds that means even if its just different big number, its still 'a little' off

  • i thought the Austin Kill Count returns oh well

  • Things to consider, beyond the concept of a bunch of shulkers in chests, barrels, items frames, etc, how about the fact that if an item is NAMED it can no longer stack with other items that are technically the same, thereby increasing the number of block spots by however many possible characters exist per space times the number of spaces allowed to name an item while IGNORING that containers that have been named show their name when opened and therefore could technically count as a different block as well - oh, can't forget the existence of writing on signs, or the existence of WRITABLE BOOKS which can contain at least 40 pages filled with many random characters including nothing at all - and I think I understand just a slight fraction of what he must have felt while doing his calculations because I've no doubt I could sit here typing away more things that could be added while simultaneously ignoring the fact that MODS exist and add an exponentially increasing number of things as well (bits and chisels, for example). I'd likely need a google doc to effectively list all possible variables and it really isn't worth my time (or yours either, really). I believe I have made my point.

  • Hi it’s me, Jett, someone you’re possibly related to

  • When did he change the cut out?

  • Which is a good thing

  • Fire

  • I think MinePlex would bê a good name

  • mineplex and minecraft plex :0 it comes together now

  • Big boy words now go study young man

  • I can never unsee the "snow" in his hair

  • Austin AUSTIN you could've done the block counting part way ez-er do a secret feature that is still widely unknown "when this comment was written" if you go to the creat new world tab you can change the world generation And there is a secret if you hold shift while going through the world type's there is a secret world called debug and you cannot break blocks you are stuck in spectator and the *FUN PART* it shows every state a block can be in including water loged stuff and floating fire and water loged camp fires and half beds and much much more.

  • 17:49 me:actually tries to picture the number....-

  • this reoccurence (butchered that word) theorem can be a good explanation to Deja vu

  • Austin you could put shulkers in chests also the new 1.17 update makes it so that you can go down to -64 soooooooooooo I don’t know if that will visibly change the minecraft universal constant but yeah that change will times the storage space by any given chest by 27 storage slots per slot

  • I have 999muc

  • Muc

  • Big brain

  • What’s the difference between 10^100 and 10^10^10? I can’t figure it out

  • Literally on the toilet during your scenario about me on the toilet

  • Surely it would be simpler to say it’s infinity minus a minuscule number. Not infinite, but close enough to consider it the same

  • I like mat more☹️

  • It is not a constant, Minecraft updates every year.

  • Did he calculated the shulkerboxes? And entety inventories?

  • The answer has always been 42.

  • The number was so big my screen started lagging

  • did the drop item count?

  • The end nether and overworld have different height limits

  • MatPat: Count with height limit 256 Mojang: I'm gonna end this man's whole career.....

  • He forgot the book and quill

  • When he said James I was like what, then I realized it was this video lol. I do watch a lot of videos on the toliet with my phone lol.

  • Me: loads a Minecraft world Austin: I predicted that world

  • I’m like 1/6th through the video and My brain is already about ready to explode-

  • Minecraft theory: Hero Brian was the one who actually made disk 11 but when he was recording he was blown up by a creeper The disk was broken but hero Brian was actually a survivor one who beaded Minecraft but his tragic death after winning the game may have broken his world record

  • Should we tell him that there are other containers than chest? trapped chests, barrels, shulker boxes, hoppers. Well, even some entities have inventories (chest/hopper minecarts, player, ender man can hold some blocks, piglins/zombies/skeletons can wear armor that can be named, enchanted, fox can hold any item, like I don't know, renamed chest holding 27 stacks of renamed chests holding 27 stacks or renamed chests...)

  • Did you use the newest snapshot

  • Can someone say the song at the start ?

  • Do a video on how the ender perl works

  • I'm losing brain cells.

  • Ok so don't forget signs and name tags with character combos and mob labeling, breeding, farming, grow periods, exp obtainment, fishing, up to max players and their actions(maybe), and mob spawning and their actions based on player input. Disposal of items? Enchantment combos?

  • Plant you forgoted

  • who is this where is matpat ?

  • dear austin, if you counted leather armor you could technically count each and every dye variant as a unique item.

  • What about Health, hunger, and inventory

  • Me: “Oh Austin, you forgot-“ Austin: *what* *W H A T-*

  • I thought he was talking about updates, I wasted 5 minutes of my life